5 Daily Exercises to Stay Fit for Life

Daily Exercises

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, everyone must do some daily exercises. A daily habit of exercising strengthens the muscles of the body and enables the human body to perform the daily tasks effectively. Daily small physical activities normalize the heart rate and boost the metabolism rate in the body which is compulsory for the maintenance of health. Moreover, the habit of exercise in daily routine ensures the smooth flow of the blood in the whole body, helps in digestion and lubricates the joints. Therefore, fitness and well-being are dependent on daily physical activities. Some of the important daily exercises are highlighted here.

Walk-Out Push-Up

This exercise accelerates the heart rate by the integration of multiple planes of movement. To perform this exercise, one has to stand straight, stretch the hands straight in the air and start bending slowly. Keep bending the body until the hands touch the floor. Afterward, one has to move his body in a forward position until the body gets parallel to the floor. It will be the right position to start the pushups. Do a set of pushups and start again. It is a healthy, easy and effective exercise because it stretches the body and strengthens the back and vertebrae.


Improvement in functional movement is essential to perform daily routine tasks. Lunges exercise is effective for functional movement. It improves the strength of the legs and glutes. One can perform this exercise by standing with feet spaced shoulder-width apart. Plus, arms should be in the down position. Now, the right leg has to move forward with the bend of the right knee. At last, push up off the right foot and return to start position. Now repeat the same with the left leg.


Pushups are among the top daily exercises because they are very important for people who want to lose bodyweight and strengthen the core of the body. It incorporates effective bodyweight movements because all muscles of the body are involved in performing this exercise. First of all, the plank position is required to perform this exercise. Now, one has to bend the elbows on the floor and have to lower the body down to the floor. Repeat the up and down movement of the body.     

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks is important for the maintenance of cardiovascular health. This exercise activates the muscles of the body. It is the perfect warm-up exercise. In performing this exercise, one has to stand in a straight position by joining the feet together. Now start jumping by spreading the arms and legs at the same time. Open the legs and bring the arm to the head with each jump.

Balancing Table Pose

Balancing Table Pose is a yoga pose that is very effective for the human body. This exercise is beneficial for the spine. It also helps an individual in improving his memory and enables them to perform assigned tasks with full concentration. To do it, one has to balance his body in table pose to perform this yoga. At each movement, one has to take a breath and raise the left leg parallel to the floor while raising the right arm in a parallel position to the floor. Again, take a breath with lowering the arm and leg.

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