Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan as Compared to Other Countries

Coronavirus cases

Coronavirus cases have reached the extent where the whole world is disturbed and suffering not only physically but mentally too. The people of Pakistan are also going through the same condition.

The death toll has across country’s surged to 65 on 9th April 2020. The total number of cases is 4,489 that shows the rapid increase of coronavirus patients.

Punjab province tally has touched to 2,241 cases. Whereas Baluchistan has reported 212 total cases and KPK reported 560, while Islamabad reported about 102 cases and 213 cases have been reported from Gilgit Baltistan. Azaad Jammu Kashmir has diagnosed 33 cases.

The above mentioned are the total cases in Pakistan due to which Pakistanis are afraid but, other countrymen are wondering about Pakistan because of the fact that other countries, especially the US have the highest number of cases and all the other developed countries too.

Pakistan, the 3rd world country is trying hard to recover and following to government’s orders, the public has surrounded themselves into homes that are for the benefit of staying away from coronavirus.

A Comparison:

  • As compared to Pakistan, the US has 455,454 cases and 16,114 deaths have occurred while Pakistan has only a few cases in front of this high number of cases.
  • Spain has 152,446 cases and 15,238 deaths have occurred. 
  • Italy has 143,626 diagnosed cases and 18,279 deaths.
  • Germany has 115,523 diagnosed cased and 2,451 deaths.
  • France has diagnosed 117,749 cases while 12,210 death cases.
  • Iran has 66,220 diagnosed cases 4,110 death cases.
  • The United Kingdom has 65,077 diagnosed cases and a 7,978 death rate.
  • Turkey has 42,282 cases while the death rate is 908.
  • Belgium has 24,983 diagnosed cases and a 2,523 death rate.
  • Canada has 20,690 cases and 503 death cases.
  • Saudi Arabia has 3,287 cases and death cases are 44.

India has 4,067 diagnosed cases, while 298 are deaths. India being the neighboring country and one of the strong democratic countries even could not overcome this disease and despite being an underdeveloped country Pakistan has the lowest rate of diagnosed cases and lowest death toll amongst all the countries mentioned above.

Other countries did not follow preventions and now they are unable to overcome this deadly disease while Pakistan is the only country that started following preventions before the increase.

Despite the fact that some countries are so powerful that they can invent curing vaccines and Pakistan has no many resources, and this is what that is making the whole world wonder of Pakistan still being on the safe side.

Now is the need to invent an anti-virus vaccine for a quick cure because the whole world is extremely suffering but no vaccine till now is highly effective. Vaccines are being tried to be invented. Pakistan, the 3rd world country is also trying to make something that benefits the world.

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