Coronavirus cases; Harmful for Patients and Old People

coronavirus cases

Coronavirus cases have reached the number of 1,215,940 and the death rate has reached 65,666. This is an alarming condition that the whole world is suffering. Specialists are continually recommending to stay isolated or to stay at home because this was the main reason for the spread of the virus.

These specialists, especially recommended the old people to stay isolated in such critical conditions because of this virus attack old people or the people with a weak immune system.

Moreover, diabetic patients, blood pressure patients, cardiovascular disease patients are suffering most. According to a survey, worldwide, 10.5 percent of people got directly attacked who were cardiovascular disease people.

While 7.3 percent were diabetic, 6.3 percent had respiratory issues, 6.0 percent were suffering from blood pressure and 5 percent were cancer patients and only 0.9 percent as those who had no disease. It means, people with diseases have more chances to develop coronavirus than people with no disease.

Old people are getting attacked quickly by the virus than youngsters. In some other survey, it was noted that 14.8 percent of coronavirus patients were those who were more than 80 years old. Whereas, 8.0 percent were 70-79 years old. 3.6 percent were 60-69 years old.

Only 2.0 percent were those who were 20-39 years old. It shows youngsters are suffering very less because young people have a strong immune system and such aged people have very few diseases.

According to a report in Pakistan, over 60 years or especially over 80 years of old people are highly vulnerable to this fatal disease. As cases of coronavirus are emerging, researchers have learned that old people with respiratory illnesses like pneumonia with the symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath are susceptible to the virus.

In these pandemic days, one fact has become clear that the highest number of fatalities found in older people and especially those that were already suffering from some medical conditions.

Early information from China says those people are at high risk developing virus or any illness quickly who is older adults or people with any other chronic, serious illness, heart disease, diabetes, or lung cancer, etc.

Moreover, in China, more than half of the people were older adults who were suffering from the virus. In Italy, the disease was started from an old adult and from which other people got affected.

Moreover, the death rate in males is more than females and most of the males were older adults. Coronavirus is found more in males because it is a contagious disease that spread from person to person and males stay more than half a day outside of homes. That is the reason, staying at home is highly recommended by the Pakistani government and by other governments too.

If you are an old person, try to isolate yourself into the home and do not share your eatables or any other stuff. Also, children are at high risk of developing the virus due to their weak immune system.

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