Preference of Allopathic Over Homeopathy or Hikmat

allopathic over homeopathy or hikmat

In Pakistan, three types of medical treatments are invoked. First is Hikmat, the ancient style of medical treatment, 2nd is Homeopathy, the origin of which is Germany and 3rd is Allopathic. People of Pakistan mostly preferred allopathic over homeopathy or hikmat.

Hikmat is based on medical treatment based on herbs and undoubtedly if extensive research is undertaken in this style of treatment results could be surprising and pleasant. Moreover, the concentration on this style of medical treatments has been made in the sub-continent especially, centuries ago.

Today, dependence upon Hikmat is vanishing to a great extent especially in cities. Homeopathy is a cheaper mode of medical treatment. In Pakistan, the government is patronizing it with the name of the Pakistan council of homeopathy.

This is the bitter fact that for unknown reasons, neither proper steps have been taken to promote homeopathy nor reasonable funds have been allocated to boost up the style of medical treatment.

To become qualified for homeopathy one has to spend 4 years in homeopathic medical college and then he is awarded a diploma which is called DHMS. Homeopathic doctors, after getting the diploma starts practicing depending upon the education he has attained during the 4-year tenure.

Here is no question of house job if 1 year, which is a must for the allopathic doctors. In Pakistan, there are hardly genuine homeopathy hospitals. Moreover, in this style of medical treatment, surgery is missing, specialization is missing.

Despite these shortcomings around 20 percent people of Pakistan depends upon the homeopathy style of medical treatment for 2 major reasons, One is for its being cheaper and the other one is very important reason for its being away from side effects.

The third mode of medical treatment allopathic which is the most popular not only in Pakistan but all over the world. It’s a 5-year program of qualification and the qualified doctor is awarded an MBBS degree. Billions of dollars are spent on the research and manufacturing of medicines of allopaths in the world. It is beneficial for many reasons.

  1. It is effective for immediate results
  2. It has specializations
  3. Qualified doctors are dependable for being experienced with one additional year after their 5 years of education.
  4. Doctors are abundantly and readily available not only in private hospitals but also in government hospitals all over the country.
  5. Surgery is of the great benefit of this style of medical treatment which is missing is hikmat and homeopathy.

Generally, it is advantageous for human being but it has certain disadvantages as well. It is expensive and sometimes it has side effects too. It is required that in Pakistan, where the poverty level is a substantial level and middle class also is living at subsistence level.

Homeopathy and Hikmat should also be available at an extensive level under the partnership of government. Hikmat hospital and homeopathy hospitals should be established and diploma and degrees awarded to those people whose expertise may be tested by the board, constituted by the government.

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