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Connection Between Poverty and Bad Health


Pakistan is one of the country which suffers in poverty and bad health. The economic condition of the country is also not satisfactory. Unemployment is one of the big issue here. Salaries are low. Poverty is prevailing badly in Pakistan.

People live in small houses in cities and villages. Houses are constructed without keeping in view the aspect of ventilation and other factors required to breathe comfortably at home. Moreover, the important factor of planting a tree in or near the houses is also ignored.

In cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi, the inner part of the cities shows the teasing picture. Very small houses, constructed in two or three marlas are without any sort of ventilation.

The rooms are much smaller. Narrow streets. History of the inner part of cities tells that the quarrels are part of daily routine there. The reason is obvious. When more people live in a small house, the relations among them could not be cordial and also the relations among the people, living in the same locality would not in friendly terms.

It is clear that living in the congested houses and areas, free-thinking is not possible. Means, thinking friendly about the others and to develop the society and nation/country. Planning about the bright future of the children, to raise the income, to live comfortably and planning to live in the airy houses.

Cause of Disease:

As a result, people’s health living in congested areas is always vulnerable to different kinds of diseases like high blood pressure, asthma and anxiety etc. A visit to the government hospital will testify the above statement. As you will witness the hospitals are full of poor and from thickly populated areas of cities or villages.

In hospitals, the number of people coming from the posh areas will be lesser. The reason is clear. Those people breathe easily. There are a lot of other benefits of living in capacious houses concerning health.

Friendly Environment:

Talking with the family members in the capacious atmosphere of the home keeps the residents fresh and happy. Airy and openly designed houses are energy conversant which is the cause of minimum utility bills and enjoyment of the natural/sunlight.

Comparatively big houses are good to host the guests and meeting the relatives and friends from time to time makes one fresh and happy. In big houses, the plantation can be possible and the benefits of the plants are hidden to none.

Joint Family System:

The joint family system in Pakistan is a big problem. Before the dismemberment, the then India’s system was based on a joint family. There arise a lot of social problems living together, especially when the family is big.

As has been stated above, in Pakistan, poverty is an important aspect of society. Maximum people are poor. No or lesser jobs. Usually, there are many heirs of a small house and poverty does not allow them to get a separate house.

Therefore, in Pakistan, there are a big number of families, living as a joint family in a small house. As a result, the problems of health, no friendly chats among the family members, no room for hosting the guests and no free movements for the children arise.

The Solution:

The government should play role here in providing the houses/flats which are cheap but airy. Also, provide loans facility to poor people so that they can construct a small house. By doing so, the government of Pakistan will initiate a big program for making them a healthy and happy society which will ultimately be the means of a prosperous country.

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