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Impact of Environmental Pollution on Health

impact of environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is increasing day-by-day around the whole globe and people have to live in a toxic world in this 21st century. Environmental pollution is alarming for the whole world as it has the worst impact on health and it is the big reason for the spike in diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and lung disease among the public. The harmful impact of environmental pollution on health will be discussed here.

A report of the World Health Organization (WHO) says that 92% of the world’s population lives in polluted areas. Environmental pollution is directly effecting the children of such areas and they are at high risk. According to a report of UNICEF, around 600,000 children are dying annually due to diseases caused by air pollution that is the most common type of environmental pollution.

Environmental pollution is causing various types of diseases and defects in the human body. Moreover, the most common pollutants in the environment like sulfur dioxide (SO2), ozone (O3), carbon di and monoxide (CO2  & CO), heavy metals, nitrogen oxides (NOx), etc. are causing various diseases like respiratory disorders, heart stroke, mental disorders, etc..

When a human takes a breath in the air, the person inhales various chemicals that have a direct impact on health. Further, it increases the risk of asthma and respiratory diseases as respiration is the main function of the body to live. Also, evidence of scientific research shows that Ozone in the air affects the functioning of the lungs in the human body. Therefore, due to the negative effects on the lungs, people suffer from respiratory inflammation.

People living in the polluted area are the victim of cancer mostly. As most of the regions are polluted with industrial smoke, coal smoke, fire smoke, and vehicle smoke. Additionally, cancer is also caused by indoor items and office materials. These indoor items are paints, carpets, Split AC, air freshness, stabilizers, and sterilizers. Not only this, but the existence of the organic compounds in the environment is also causing cancer.

Environmental pollution is directly affecting the heart. Therefore, the ratio of heart stroke and diseases are increasing. People of the polluted areas are at high risk of high blood pressure and damaged blood vessel functioning. Also, some pollutants like Ozone affects lung nerves that causes an irregular heart rate.

More than the above, environmental pollution is also causing wheezing and coughing in people. Also, environmental pollution harms the immune systems of the body. Therefore, the human body will not able to do the daily activities of life with proper health.

The impact of environmental pollution on health is not limited as air pollution is the main source that causes insulin resistance and which leads to the occurrence of diabetes in the human body. Many people are also associated with autoimmune diseases due to environmental pollution. Also, chemicals like CO, NO2, O3 in the air are also causing mood disorders. Even, it causes the arising of the symptoms of the migraine and headache. Skin disorder, reproductive issues, thyroid disorder, obesity, and premature aging are also observed due to environmental pollution.

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