Cases of gross negligence by doctors in Pakistan

Cases of gross negligence

Every year, hundreds of people die due to the negligence of incompetent doctors in Pakistan. Here are a few cases that highlight the gross negligence by doctors, who besides charging a high fee are still not providing proper healthcare in return.

Some Pakistani doctors due to incompetence, the greed of money, arrogance and carelessness, lack of ethics and responsibility are unable to understand the importance of people’s lives and to treat them with care and dignity. They charge high fees, refer them to their own private clinics, recommend their own medicine on which they get a commission from pharmaceutical companies, recommend expensive tests, and still treat them carelessly. Some of the cases of gross negligence of Pakistani doctors are as follows:

  1. Nashwa’s death on 22nd April 2019; this ill-fated little soul was paralyzed due to administering the wrong injection by a private hospital. Nashwa’s brain and other body parts stopped functioning and her lungs were severely damaged. She suffered for two weeks and then died in hospital. Hospital is located in Gulistan-i-Jauhar.
  2. Abnormally obese patient, Noorul Hassan death; Noorul Hassan, a man of weight 330 kgs died because doctors were not available to attend him after surgery and died in the ICU. Pakistan army helicopter lifted him to take him to the hospital. He was treated successfully and was under observation in the ICU. The patient was recovering fast until the ICU equipment was ransacked and ventilators were removed by another deceased patient’s family. No doctor was present at the moment and Noorul Hasan expired.
  3. Razia in Bilal Colony, Korangi died due to the misuse of injection. It was pure negligence of doctors and staff. She was suffering from a high fever when she was rushed to the hospital. The staff injected the wrong injection, which caused her death.
  4. A resident of Mullan Mansoor, Attock, brought her 14 years old daughter to an ENT specialist at the district hospital. She had a sore throat and was recommended surgery by doctors. Her uneducated mother was told to sign a certificate to certify that if death happened then doctors would not be responsible. She signed and after a few hours, her mother received the dead body of her daughter. It was concluded that the girl died due to an overdose of anesthesia or wrong surgical procedures.
  5. Khizra Fatima’s brother writes that her brother got severe pain in the chest in Ramadan when they rushed to Dr. Ziauddin Hospital in Karachi. Doctors could not diagnose the reason behind pain and then they went to another hospital where they prescribed simple pain killers. Then they rushed to Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Karachi where doctors claimed that nothing serious has happened to the boy. The pain was still severe and doctors told him to jump which caused extreme pain. After a few days, he died of pain and doctors were not able to diagnose the reason.

Such cases have become common in Pakistan because of the incompetent and carelessness of doctors, which are claiming hundreds of lives.

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