Best Sitting Positions for Office Work; Medically Approved

Sitting Positions

These days, most of the office jobs are desk-based. People sit on a chair for more than 6 hours a day which directly affects the spinal cord, muscles, and joints. Moreover, sitting on a chair for too long causes weight gain and lead to diseases like heart problems or piles. The work-load of the office workers continuously stresses them and they ignore their sitting positions or the right postures to work. This leads to body aches and tiredness.

Here are those best sitting postures that would neither cause pain in your joints and muscles nor would cause any disease.

Lumber support on your chair is a must part but if you have no lumbar support on your chair then you can grab a towel, roll it up and put at your back on the chair. On the other hand, a small pillow is also a good option. For sliding back in your chair after finding your proper position, put the pillow or the towel between the chair and at your lower back.

Moreover, try to place feet on the floor straightly or on the footrest. Maintaining the gap between the chair and knees would be perfect because after some time your legs will start to pain and you would start feeling fatigued. Hold your elbows at the sides by creating an L shape is better than putting your hands under the face to try to make yourself waked. Sit by relaxing the shoulders. Do not bend them or you will feel low. Sitting straight with straight shoulders would help you feel confident, fresh and you will feel less fatigue.

The most important thing for the desk job workers is; Never to sit on the chair for too long and stand after every 15-20 minutes. It will let you stay fresh and you will be less likely to adopt any disease. Sitting for too long always leads to adopting some severe disease, especially the piles in your urine or stole.

Never sit by crossing your legs or knees. Bending the spine would definitely give you backbone pain. When you strain your neck on the telephone or monitor, you are more likely to adopt the stretchiness of muscles and pain in your neck and backbone.

Sit with the right posture for computer usage: starring at the computer for the too-long affect your eyes that is why blinking eyes for 15 seconds in a minute while using a computer is a mandatory part. But sitting with the right position on the chair while using the computer is even more important. Keep your monitor on arm’s length and always move the computer screen directly in front of you. Position your keyboard and mouse close to avoid reaching again and again.

If you are a permanent office worker who spends hours working, then you should also adopt some daily exercises apart from proper sitting positions. Yoga is the best for starters and other physical exercises can give you the potential to work and your joints and muscles that consistently involve in your body posture by sitting on a chair will get stronger. Practicing these positions take time but they are as important as your daily work.

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