5 Top medical fields besides MBBS in Pakistan

top medical fields

Medical has many fields that can be specialized but many people in Pakistan focuses on graduating in MBBS. The doctors do not go for other medical specializations after MBBS.

In Pakistan, there is a shortage of doctors and especially specialists and physicians. According to international standards, 1 doctor is required for 1,000 people but we have 1 doctor for hundreds of thousands of people. In Pakistan, unfortunately, most females do not study anything after MBBS and they think MBBS is quite enough to become a doctor. The stereotypical thinking of Pakistan is that people do MBBS just to add “Doctor” before their name. Too many MBBS graduates also saturate the market and all jobs get filled.

Here, we present 5 other top medical fields in medical sciences which you can choose to become a doctor and easily find jobs. Choose these fields and follow your passion to become a doctor and have many employment opportunities.

Hons in doctor optometry:

Such doctors examine the eyes, they diagnose defects and abnormalities of eyes, they are responsible for weak eyesight rehabilitation and they suggest better contact lenses and obstacles to the patients with low vision. Doctor of optometry is a bachelor passed although the person can do further do specialization in this field. This profession has its advantages. The demand is high, timings are flexible and you are not bound to work for hours.

Hons in dental technology:

“Dental Technology is the technical side of dentistry where a dental technician, on the prescription of a dentist, makes any prosthesis or appliance for the head and neck”

They do not need to interact with patients. They make artificial eyes, ears or teeth. They make teeth like crown tooth, incisors, and braces to do adjustments and make the patient look better.

Dentistry is a very expensive profession and among the top medical fields worldwide and also in Pakistan, therefore, dental technologists have many opportunities to avail in Pakistan.

Doctor of pharmacy:

There are 3 types of professional doctorate of pharmacy offered in the medical institutions of the country. D pharmacy, B pharmacy, and M pharmacy. D pharmacy is of 2 years that is done after higher secondary school education. B pharmacy is the specialization done after 2 years of D pharmacy and M pharmacy is done after 4 years of pharmacy. When M pharmacy is completed a person is officially called a doctor of pharmacy.

Pharmacy is all about clinical training and the techniques to prepare drugs. It is related to health sciences linked to chemical science. They aim to make effective drugs that could be helpful. Pharmacists are highly demanded in large numbers in Pakistan.

Doctor of physiotherapy:

A doctor of physiotherapy profession is also among top medical fields that aims at changing and improving mobility and the physical movement of bones. The person looks after body pain, swelling, immobility of body parts and pain in the bones. They are highly in demand because most people are suffering from bone-related problems but physiotherapists in Pakistan still do not get the jobs because besides having wide range physiotherapists, Pakistan has no special posts to hire them. Very few hospitals have the physiotherapist’s posts but the situation is getting better.

Veterinary Doctor:

Veterinary doctors are the one who is the doctors for animals. They check animals for diseases and treat them. Such doctors are very helpful and are high in demand but not many students like to become a veterinary doctor.

These are just the top of the list medical fields in which you can pursue your career, however, there are several other scopes as well in which you can focus and grow.

Bonus Category

Doctor Of Medical Lab Sciences (DMLS):

By creating your own laboratory, you will be able to establish your own firm.

How do they act? They do a disease test on the patient. They conduct a lot of complex exams, and test accuracy is important. They also offer suggestions to a doctor regarding the timing and content of the tests.

They use computers, diagnostic equipment, and tools in their work. To determine the type of disease, blood, urine, and pericardial fluid tests are performed.

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