5 Harmful effects of cosmetic products on the body

5 Harmful effects of cosmetic

Cosmetic products have become an essential utility for ladies. Almost all women are fond of it but the side effects of make-up that appear later are largely unknown. This article discusses the 5 harmful effects of cosmetic products on the body.

All ladies love to wear make-up to look pretty and flaunt their gorgeous looks as this is their nature. Some cosmetic products are made-up of special natural products that are harmless but then many contain a high amount of different chemicals that are full of harm. In Pakistan, many low rated cosmetic products are easily available at low prices but their buyers do not know the side effects of those products containing chemical ingredients.

Some of the harmful side effects of make-up products on a human are as follows:

Skin aging:

Chemicals used in cosmetic products are the reason for premature aging of the skin. Minerals, vitamins and natural oils in the skin get dried when these chemicals react with the skin. This reaction starts forming dry patches and wrinkles on the skin. The reason behind it is the clever marketing strategy of cosmetic companies. They first create such make-up products that give aging effect and wrinkles to the face and then they market anti-aging products and this how their business goes on. Pakistan imports some of the high-quality products that are too expensive that no common man can buy and that is why women do not even know the originality of real cosmetic products.

Poisoning of lipstick:

Almost all lipsticks contain chemicals and such oils that dry the lips. Moreover, it contains lead that is highly harmful if consumed. The ingestion of things in lipstick causes brain damage. Ladies wear lipsticks and most of them consume it from their lips unintentionally by eating something or in any way. This causes different diseases in their immune system.

Allergies of skin:

Make-up is the foremost reason for skin allergies. Cosmetics like deodorants contain alcohol which causes redness. Itching and irritation that leads to pigmentation of the skin. Moreover, make-up closes the skin pores and block the sweat gland which causes many different types of allergies.

On the other hand, fairness creams are highly in use, especially in Pakistan. Men and women both are highly conscious of their complexion and with their fair complex they tend to buy different type of fairness creams that contain highly toxic and dangerous chemicals that give a fair appearance at the start but later it starts showing the side effects on skin and in this way many people do loses their natural skin foundation color.

Skin specialists never prohibit using cosmetic products rather they recommend using original and natural product-based cosmetics. They do not have harmful effects.

Causes cancer:

The excessive use of low-quality products ultimately leads to skin cancer. Lipsticks contain lead and aluminum that causes anemia and glucose intolerance. And other make-up products contain sulfate and zinc oxide that is toxic which fails organs like kidney or liver. To preserve cosmetics, Parabens are heavily used in products that cause severe cancer.

Permanency of dark circles:

This side effect is also included in the 5 harmful effects of cosmetic. According to experts, less make-up should be applied around the eyes as the area is sensitive compared to the rest of the face. Chemicals easily and quickly affect that particular area. The cosmetics should be applied around the eyes after all it leads to the dark circles and bags under eyes. Dark circles once appear there are fewer chances to get rid of them.

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