UAE-Pakistan ticket prices climb up to Dh8,000 due to huge demand

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One-way flights ticket prices for Pakistani expats returning from the UAE for the Eid holidays have risen to as much as Dh 8,000.

Whereas Emirates charges over Dh 3,000 for the same flight from Dubai to Karachi, other airlines are now charging close to Dh 1,000 to Dh 2,000. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is charging between Dh 1,800 and Dh 2,000 for the same route to Lahore, which has fewer direct flights from Dubai but similar pricing.

Although it is typical for airlines to raise prices during the busiest summer travel period, costs on certain routes are particularly high.

Flydubai, which operates flights from the UAE to Karachi, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad, and Sialkot, reported that the number of passengers travelling to Pakistan is back to what it was before to the pandemic.

With a combined frequency of 75 flights each week, Pakistan is a significant market for flydubai, according to its spokeswoman.

By the end of July, the majority of one-way flights ticket prices will cost between Dh 300 and Dh 800 as more airlines resume operating at full capacity on UAE-Pakistan routes. By the last week of September, the majority of airlines will be charging about Dh. 360 for flights.

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Only the more expensive options are currently available, according to a travel agency, and the majority of Economy seats are sold out.

The agent also added that “By the end of the month, there will be some relief, but a full return to regular fares won’t occur until the end of September.”

In response to demand, PIA has been progressively growing its flights and recently announced that starting in July, it will offer connected flights from Karachi and Lahore to Doha.

Following the government’s imposition of taxes on upscale services, first and business class flights to Pakistan have increased in price. On all First and Business class tickets, the Federal Excise Duty (FDA) has increased from Rs. 10,000 (Dh. 180) to 50,000 (Dh. 900) as of July 1.

However, the federal budget for 2022–23 just received Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s approval to reduce FED on Club, Business, and First-class international plane tickets from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 30,000 (Dh. 532).

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