Sindh Government to Compensate Motorbike Owners Affected by May 9 Protests

Sindh Government to Compensate Motorbike Owners Affected by May 9 Protests

The Sindh government has announced that it will provide compensation to lower- and middle-class commuters whose motorbikes were burned by arsonists during the protests on May 9. Information and Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon made this announcement during a press conference on Thursday. 

Expressing his concern for the victims, Memon stated that the motorcyclists who fell victim to the arson attacks were hardworking individuals supporting their families. He emphasized that the provincial government would compensate these innocent victims affected by the mayhem that took place on May 9. 

Minister Memon further assured that the perpetrators responsible for causing damage during the protests would be held accountable. He affirmed that those individuals who burned buses and other vehicles would be punished to compensate both the state and the affected citizens. 

Memon informed the press that the police had already registered the First Information Report (FIR) regarding the destruction of the Peoples Bus Service (PBS) and other acts of vandalism that occurred in Karachi on May 9. 

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The minister also highlighted the government’s previous efforts to compensate traders for their losses resulting from arson and accidental fires, such as the Bolton Market and Timber Market incidents. This demonstrates the government’s commitment to supporting affected individuals and businesses during such challenging times. 

The decision to compensate motorbike owners affected by the protests showcases the Sindh government’s commitment to addressing the grievances of the victims and assisting them in recovering from their losses. This initiative will provide much-needed relief to those who have suffered as a result of the unfortunate events on May 9. 

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