Sindh Education Department Announces Scholarship Initiative for Teachers’ Higher Education

The Sindh Education Department has initiated a scholarship scheme to support teachers seeking further education. This program offers teachers a considerable 50% discount on Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree programs. In addition, teachers holding a B.Ed degree will be considered for government promotions. 

Furthermore, teachers interested in pursuing a Ph.D. program can avail the option to pay their fees in installments. 

This initiative also extends to teachers employed by the government who wish to enroll at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) University. For those already in possession of a B. Ed degree, they can expect expedited promotions. 

In a bid to provide educators with legal protection, the Sindh cabinet has given its approval for a teachers’ licensing policy. Under this policy, the administration of two teacher training institutes will be transitioned to the Sindh Teachers Education Development Authority (STEDA), with a board being established to supervise the training process and issue licenses. 

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To qualify for a professional license, teachers are required to hold either a B.Ed or Master of Education (M.Ed) degree. License holders will then become eligible to apply for Grade 16 positions, with additional training needed for further promotions. 

A STEDA board is set to be formed, under the chairmanship of the Minister for Education and featuring senior department officials, to take charge of license issuance and training supervision. 

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