Research proves China is Pakistan’s closest ally

Pakistan in process of rolling over $2bn Chinese loan, says govt source

Different reactions arise when discussing Pakistan-China relations in different contexts. The Western perspective views the relationship primarily through the lens of expediency and geopolitical considerations. In Pakistan and China, on the other hand, catchy phrases like “higher than the mountains” and “sweeter than honey” express a more euphoric estimation. Essentially, such phrases are intended to convey the ‘substance’ of the relationship rather than mere rhetoric.

Pakistan and China have had an all-weather friendship since the early 1950s, and a recently published index demonstrates the two countries’ strong bilateral ties.

Doublethink Lab, a Taiwan-based organization dedicated to preserving democracy around the world, has released the China Index 2022, which ranks countries based on their strongest bilateral cooperation with China.

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Pakistan is ranked first in the China Index 2022. Cambodia and Singapore are ranked second and third, respectively. The following are the top ten countries with the strongest ties to China:

Country Rank Pakistan 1st

Singapore, Thailand
South Africa

82 countries are represented in the China Index 2022. The index evaluates countries’ relationships with China across nine domains. Academia, Domestic Politics, Economy, Foreign Policy, Law Enforcement, Media, Military, Society, and Technology are among them. Each domain also includes 11 indicators.

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