Progress in May 9th Violent Incident Investigation: Prime Minister Calls for Swift Action

Progress in May 9th Violent Incident Investigation: Prime Minister Calls for Swift Action

The federal cabinet convened under the leadership of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday, discussing the investigation progress regarding the violent incidents that occurred on May 9. The cabinet was informed that nearly 95% of the individuals involved in the incidents have been identified, with 60% already apprehended. 

In a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office Media Wing, it was shared that the cabinet emphasized the acceleration of the identification process and the immediate arrest of the involved parties. The directive stressed the protection of innocent citizens, insisting on their exclusion from arrests linked to the May 9 events. 

Prime Minister Sharif, addressing the attendees, highlighted the nation’s solidarity with its martyrs and their families. He honored the sacrifices made by these individuals, who gave their lives, leaving behind orphaned children, to safeguard the future of the upcoming generations. 

During the discussions, the Prime Minister underscored the importance of ensuring all legal requirements are met when processing the cases against those involved in the criminal incidents. He added that only those directly implicated in the incidents were taken into custody. 

The cabinet received a comprehensive briefing on the damages to private and public properties during the unfortunate events of May 9. It was revealed that cases have been filed against the attackers under the Pakistan Penal Code and the Anti-Terrorism Act for assaulting civilian and private structures and properties. Individuals with credible evidence of attacking sensitive installations would be prosecuted under the Army Act. 

The cabinet was reassured that the right to appeal to the higher judiciary against the rulings made under the Army Act remains intact. 

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The cabinet was additionally briefed about NADRA’s facial recognition. Videos and images, along with locations related to the May 9 incidents, were presented during the meeting. The cabinet affirmed its commitment to strictly enforce the decisions made in the National Security Committee meeting on May 16. 

The cabinet further directed efforts to effectively counter the propaganda of PTI being circulated in various allied nations. In-depth information was provided about the Road to Makkah Project, set for implementation following a memorandum signed on May 17. 

The project will allow Pakistani pilgrims to complete their immigration process in Pakistan, sparing them the task in Saudi Arabia. Five specialized counters have been set up at the Islamabad airport for this purpose. So far, these counters have facilitated a total of 2,450 pilgrims in the current Hajj season. The project aims to assist a total of 26,000 pilgrims this year. 

In the subsequent year, the initiative is planned to be extended to other airports across the country, increasing the number of facilitated pilgrims to 75,000. 

The cabinet approved the appointment of Major General (retd) Hafeez ur Rehman as a member of the administration of Pakistan Telecommunication. The cabinet also affirmed the decisions taken during the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) meeting held on May 16. 

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