President Arif Alvi ready to play “crisis resolution role” in defusing political tension

President Alvi

In an interview with a private TV channel, President Arif Alvi has stated his willingness to play a “crisis resolution role” in the current situation and highlighted his past contributions towards resolving national issues. He discussed the approval of a bill concerning judicial reforms, stating that its timing could have been more appropriate given the ongoing situation, and that he would take the right decision over the bill after receiving the final document. 

The President emphasized the need for consensus-building over the use of force, and expressed his concerns that pressures on institutions could lead to cracks and disfigure the country’s constitution. He called on all stakeholders to work together to save Pakistan and its constitution. 

President Arif Alvi also expressed concerns about the polarization in society and emphasized his desire to reduce it. He cited his past efforts in defusing political tensions and expressed his willingness to work collectively with politicians for the democratic system. The President reiterated that federal and provincial governments could not announce awards for any individual under relevant constitutional provisions, as it was a prerogative of the president. 

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Regarding the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) decision to set a new date for polls in Punjab, Dr Alvi said that the Supreme Court would decide the issue and that the nation wanted a responsible outcome. He emphasized that if polls were not held within 90 days, the institutions concerned should accept responsibility for the delay. 

President Arif Alvi concluded the interview by reiterating his commitment to resolving national issues and stressing the need for political, parliamentary, and judicial institutions to work together to save Pakistan and its Constitution. 

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