PNEC-NUST Reveals Upgraded Electric Formula Race Car Ahead of International Competition

PNEC-NUST Reveals Upgraded Electric Formula Race Car Ahead of International Competition

In an impressive showcase at a local hotel, students and faculty of PNEC-NUST proudly pulled back the curtains on their upgraded electric formula racing car. 

The unveiling marked a significant milestone ahead of their participation in the renowned Formula Student Engineering competition. The annual international event challenges student teams from across the globe to design, construct, test, and ultimately race small-scale F1-style racing vehicles. 

The team representing the Formula Electric Racing NUST (FERN), comprising 14 members, is set to participate in the 2023 edition of the Formula Student competition to be held in the UK this coming July. 

Faculty adviser Bilal Mohammed Khan shared with Dawn that the FERN team is an equal mix of male and female members – seven boys and seven girls – from the seventh and eighth semesters of the electrical and mechanical engineering departments. 

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Khan further revealed that the team’s core members, a male and female driver, have been selected based on their physique, as weight considerations play a crucial role in racing. “All students are capable of driving, but for this specific vehicle, we sought out the lightest individuals. The same way a jockey needs to be lightweight to not overburden a racehorse,” Khan explained. 

At the same event, PNEC-NUST Commandant Tauqeer Ahmad Khawaja lauded the various student teams and societies for their remarkable work on numerous projects. He emphasized the notable contributions of FERN, highlighting it as one of the institution’s significant societies. 

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