Pakistan issues Passive Immunization trial report

passive immunization

Pakistan made public the preliminary findings on passive immunization of an ongoing clinical trial of plasma therapy to treat coronavirus infected patients.

Dr. Tahir Shamsi the head of the National Institute of Blood Diseases on Monday stated the health authorities made the preliminary findings on plasma therapy to treat COVID-19. Fourteen coronavirus infected patients of the critical condition were treated with plasma therapy during the trial.

These findings were released when Pakistani doctors claimed the successful clinical trial of passive immunization when a coronavirus patient recovered by plasma therapy.

Approximately, 86 percent of the virus-infected patients recovered from this clinical trial of passive immunization and achieved a positive outcome as per laid down criteria. 12 patients out of 14 recovered of the severe condition without a ventilator, PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) of 43 percent of patients became negative by the eighth day of plasma infusion.

Six patients out of total patients who recovered were discharged to home in the very ninth day of receiving plasma and six others out of 12 recovered patients are stable and recovering in the hospital.

“Two critically ill COVID patients who were already on a ventilator received plasma infusion; one expired due to ventilator-associated complications despite becoming COVID PCR negative. Second expired due to cytokine storm,” the doctor further said.

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