Pakistan Government Establishes National Task Force on Artificial Intelligence to Drive National Development

planning minister ahsan iqbal

Pakistan’s Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal has recently announced the formation of a National Task Force (NTF) on Artificial Intelligence (AI), consisting of 15 members. The objective of the NTF is to develop a 10-year roadmap to promote and accelerate the adoption of AI in various sectors, including business, development, governance, education, and healthcare. The NTF will comprise AI experts, as well as representatives from the government and private sectors. 

Iqbal has highlighted the importance of AI for Pakistan’s progress in the near future, stating that it “will bring transformative changes in the fields of economy, governance, and education.” The NTF is aimed at harnessing the power of AI to contribute to Pakistan’s development and growth, with benefits accessible to all segments of society. 

Establishing the NTF is part of the government’s commitment to embracing AI’s potential to transform the country’s economic landscape positively. In 2018, the previous government had set up the National Centre for Artificial Intelligence. According to the minister, “by investing in AI, Pakistan can unlock new opportunities for growth and development and improve the lives of its citizens.” 

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Planning minister emphasised AI’s crucial role in driving economic growth and development for Pakistan. He stated that “the integration of AI in our governance, healthcare and education systems has the potential to revolutionise these sectors and bring about significant progress.” AI could offer solutions that were previously unattainable, from improving decision-making processes to personalised medical treatments and enhancing learning experiences. 

The announcement of the NTF on AI is a step towards realizing Pakistan’s potential in this field. The country’s efforts towards AI adoption and innovation are expected to contribute to its progress and development, paving the way for a more prosperous future. 

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