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Nvidia RTX 2060 12GB is here, but what does it mean for crypto miners and gamers?

Nvidia RTX 2060

Nvidia said in February 2021 that it would reissue several of its older GPUs, including the RTX 2060 and GTX 1050 Ti, to provide gamers with some low-cost options that scalpers and crypto miners won’t use during the chip shortage.

The manufacturer is delivering on at least part of that promise by releasing a new RTX 2060 edition with 12GB of video RAM, more than tripling the memory of the previous model introduced in 2019.

According to Nvidia, multiple models will be available starting from December 7th. You will find faster base clock speed and slightly more CUDA cores (2,176 versus 1,920 in the standard RTX 2060). In several aspects, its specifications resemble those of the RTX 2060 Super.

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The 12GB RTX 2060 Founders Edition price did not revealed by the company, but Nvidia claims it’ll be “a premium version of the RTX 2060 6GB and we expect the price to reflect that.”

In 2019, the RTX 2060 6GB was released for $349. OEMs will be able to create their own unique versions of the 12GB RTX 2060, according to the report.

This card is ideal for those who have been scorched by GPU restocks that haven’t gone their way and don’t want to pay exorbitant secondary market pricing for cards that shouldn’t have cost that much in the first place.

Most games should run well on medium graphical settings at 1080p resolution with the RTX 2060. It won’t be an excellent for ray-traced visuals, but with its power, most games should run well on medium graphical settings at 1080p resolution.

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