No objections to Pakistan importing Russian crude oil: US

No objections to Pakistan importing Russian crude oil: US

According to US state department spokesperson, US has no problem with Pakistan importing cheap crude oil from Russia. It was further said that US has currently sanctions on the Russia’s energy export to other countries. The spokesperson said that US was aware of the Pakistan’s delegation to Moscow for cheaper oil talks with Russia. It was further stated that US recognizes the pressure on the countries regarding perpetually increasing fuel prices and their struggle to secure fuel at affordable prices.

The import of crude oil from Russia by Pakistan to ease its recent energy woes is not an issue in the eyes of the United States.

A representative for the US State Department said that although the US does currently have restrictions against Russian energy exports to other nations, Washington has no issues with Pakistan receiving Russian crude oil. A Pakistani delegation was now in Moscow to discuss the possibility of importing Russian crude oil, the spokesperson added, adding that the US was aware of this.

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We are aware of the demand on governments to find affordable fuel sources. We have been very clear that each country would have to make its own decisions regarding energy imports based on its own circumstances, the official said.

The spokesperson did, however, add that Russia’s actions in the Ukraine and Europe had made it very clear that it was not a trustworthy energy supplier, and the US continues to support measures to lessen long-term dependence on Russian energy supplies. “We continue to collaborate with friends and partners to reduce the impact of Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine on global energy markets,” the liaison added in this regard.

It is important to note that due to Moscow’s conflict with Ukraine, Western allies have forbidden Russian ships from delivering petroleum to other countries. Russian crude oil is currently purchased by traders, who then sell it to a buyer nation for a greater price. This is how trader commissions and transportation fees affect the pricing of Russian goods.

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