Meezan Bank Responds to Rising Fuel Prices with New Installment Plan for Electric Bikes

In response to the significant surge in fuel prices over the past year, Meezan Bank has introduced an installment plan for electric bikes (e-Bikes), targeting motorists seeking more economical travel alternatives. With this move, Meezan Bank is positioning itself in competition with other bike manufacturers. The plan will be available for all types of bikes, encompassing both fuel-driven and electric models. 

This new service from Meezan Bank offers an array of benefits, subject to certain conditions, including: 

  • Exclusivity for Meezan Bank debit and credit card holders. 
  • A financing period extending up to two years. 
  • Downpayment requirements ranging from a minimum of 15% to a maximum of 50% of the bike’s total cost. 
  • Monthly installments starting from as low as Rs. 7,461. 
  • A non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 1,800. 
  • Instant transfer of ownership rights. 

In light of the new installment plan from Meezan Bank, other notable bike manufacturers such as Atlas Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki have also rolled out their exclusive installment plans. However, these companies have witnessed a decline in sales in recent months, attributable to the escalated fuel prices and increasing cost of bikes. 

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Electric bikes are beginning to gain popularity among Pakistanis, reflecting a gradual shift in preference from fuel-driven bikes. However, the perception still exists that petrol-powered bikes remain a more reliable option for longer trips. 

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