Meet Huzaifa Ali, Founder of ESP, Pakistan’s Fastest Growing E-commerce Platform

Huzaifa Ali

Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP) is a community of 160k+ students and experience sellers helping each other build a healthy business on Amazon & other marketplaces. Huzaifa Ali is developing a trend of allowing almost every Pakistani to learn about the eCommerce industry online from anywhere in Pakistan through Video Success Camp (VSC) powered by ESP. VSC is FREE for underprivileged Pakistanis. To apply, please visit https://ecomsuccess.pk/vsc/ 


Huzaifa Ali, the CEO and Founder of Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP) is a Pakistani national with extensive expertise in eCommerce, Amazon Brand Selling, and other International eCommerce Channels, as well as Software Development. He spent four years in Malaysia, where he ran a software firm and provided application development services. Also collaborated with multibillion-dollar organizations like Shell and Hi-Rev Lubricants Malaysia. 

He chose to serve Pakistan by sharing his experience and assisting others in building their eCommerce enterprises on foreign platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. 


Huzaifa’s ultimate objective is to instill an entrepreneurial attitude in every Pakistani citizen and enable them to generate a substantial income, creating millions of US dollars in annual revenue and contributing to Pakistan’s economy. 

His goal is to transfer knowledge and inspire others to develop their own multi-million dollar online worldwide business and help improve Pakistan’s economy, empower the young, and bring out people’s potential by assisting them in establishing Amazon Wholesale businesses. 

He also urges women to create their own enterprises on Etsy and become self-sufficient, which would undoubtedly help women’s empowerment in Pakistan. 


please visit https://ecomsuccess.pk 

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