Korea to further increase the quota for Pakistani immigrants

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The quota for Pakistani immigrants increased over the years, a 16% rise from 2021 to 2022 only, and the Republic of Korea will stare at additional cumulative it by opening diverse employment areas, the last Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Special Representative for Labor Issues Ms. Kang Kyung-Wha has said.

During a conference with the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Overseas Pakistanis Ayub Afridi in Islamabad, she stated that Pakistanis are outstanding workers as studied by Korean employers and the unlawful vacation ratio of Pakistanis in Korea is very little as compared to other countries.

Ms. Kang Kyung-Wha stated that Korean construction companies comprehend the competence and practice of Pakistani construction workers and we would need them to work for us. These companies realize the necessity to rent construction workers from Pakistan and other countries are also making a comparable request.

Therefore, the government will look onward to Pakistani Embassy in Seoul to show an active role and take up the case with Korean Labor Ministry.

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The Korean minister remarked that the government wants to relax entry guidelines as soon as the new COVID variant -omicron diminishes.  She was confident that student visas will be delivered rapidly in the future.

Besides, Ms. Wha also assured to vigorously take up the case of pre-departure exercises and look into a guarantee of technical training institutions in Pakistan.

Additionally, she requested Pakistani aid in the future elections of Director General International Labor Organization (ILO) and guaranteed her neighboring assistance to Pakistan, particularly to non-western women, if designated as the leader of the ILO. She informed that the ILO wants to widen its prospect to upsurge its coverage and effectiveness.

In his comments, Ayub Afridi stated that the inaugural of areas like agriculture, construction, etc., will be helpful to both the Regions.

The advisor informed that Pakistan has by now sent teachers to the Middle East and can also direct them to Korea.

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