Kia Leverages EV Momentum with Anticipated High-Performance ‘GT1’ Sedan

Kia Leverages EV Momentum with Anticipated High-Performance 'GT1' Sedan

Kia Motors Corporation is reportedly setting its sights on the competitive high-performance electric vehicle (EV) market. Intent on riding its existing momentum in EV development, the automaker is gearing up to launch a mid-segment executive sedan, provisionally named the ‘GT1’. This new entrant is expected to succeed the Stinger, further strengthening Kia’s position in the EV sector. 

Rumors suggest that the GT1 will be an E-segment vehicle, setting it on a direct competitive path with established models like the Tesla Model S and the Mercedes Benz EQE. 

The GT1 is expected to be built on the new eM platform, featuring a substantial 113.2-kilowatt-hour battery pack. This substantial power source, significantly larger than those found in the Mercedes-Benz EQS, Tesla Model S, and Kia EV9, promises a noteworthy range of 800 kilometers on a full charge. 

While these details remain unconfirmed by Hyundai and Kia, speculations hint at the introduction of various models, differentiated by their powertrain output. Rumored options include single and dual-motor variants, with the top-tier model potentially boasting a whopping 603 horsepower. If realized, this will make the GT1 the most powerful production vehicle in Kia’s portfolio, outperforming even the EV6 GT. 

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It appears that the innovative eM platform architecture used in the GT1 will not be limited to this project. Indications are that its modularity could extend beyond the E-GMP, adding further versatility to Kia’s EV lineup. 

As Kia continues to advance in the EV space, the company intends to offer its existing electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles until 2025, the projected timeline for the GT1’s arrival. Although the automaker has no long-term plans for plug-in hybrid vehicles, the sustained market demand has extended their lifespan in Kia’s range. 

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