Karachi is getting electric taxi service

Karachi is getting electric taxi service

Sindh government to launch electric Taxi service in Karachi to make the provision of comfortable, environment friendly and affordable transportation option available for the public. It has been stated by the Information and Transport Minister of Sindh Sharjeel Inam Memon while he was examining the construction of Red Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service corridor.

He said that existing Ride-Hailing services has drastically increased the fares and introducing a cheaper option has  become the need of the hour. He further added that leadership of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has instructed Sindh government to complete the transport related projects at the earliest to facilitate the people of Karachi with modern mass transit services.

He said the Sindh government had been giving its best output to achieve the electric Taxi service project milestones related to the mass transportation facilities as it is one of the basic needs of the citizens. According to the minister of Information a Transportation, Sindh government were to spend billions of rupees to facilitate the public with modern and comfortable mass transit services and Sindh Mass Transit Authority has been working day and night to bring out the new busses and to complete the infrastructure of the Mass transit projects.

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Sharjeel Inam Memon, Sindh minister for information and Transportation and other relevant officials took a part when Karachi Transportation department launched test drives for its newly introduced, battery powered passenger busses earlier this month. The trial rides were conducted between Sindh Archive complex and sea view. Memon assured that Sindh Government, despite facing challenges, is trying hard to provide the public with comfortable, affordable and modern commuting facility. He added that Malir Cantonment Board and all the relevant federal agencies has extended their full support to the project while sharing the details about BRT and that city administration has given seven days deadline to remove all the encroachments on the way of Red Line.

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