Karachi Customs Cracks Down on Smuggling: Goods Worth Rs. 792 Million Seized

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In a major crackdown on smuggling networks, Pakistan’s Customs Enforcement in Karachi has confiscated smuggled goods, including Iranian petrol, valued at Rs. 792 million over the past 20 days. 

During a media briefing at the Customs House, Collector Customs Enforcement, Amir Thahim, unveiled the details of this concerted operation against the organized entities involved in smuggling Iranian fuel and other commodities. 

The enforcement department successfully intercepted a substantial quantity of smuggled Iranian diesel, undutied vehicles, and other items during the operation. These seizures have dealt a significant blow to the illicit activities that have been undermining Pakistan’s economy. 

The department stopped a total of 14 Iranian diesel and petrol tankers, which were found to be transporting 262,247 liters of fuel. In addition, 21 smuggled vehicles that had not been subject to duty, including premium cars and jeeps valued at Rs. 209 million, were confiscated during the period. 

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Other seized goods included a wide range of items such as betel, gutka, cosmetics, cigarettes, almonds, soap, dry milk, which collectively amounted to Rs. 792 million. Two cases of concealed sugar transported in buses were also taken into custody. 

Amir Thahim pointed out that smuggling activities have been obstructing the lawful and approved transportation of essential goods to regions bordering Pakistan. The Customs department reiterated its commitment to maintaining vigilance and taking stringent measures against any entities engaged in such illegal actions. 

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