Islamabad police registered over 800 street crime cases in June

street crime cases

The Islamabad police registered more than 800 street crime cases of snatching, robberies, burglaries, and auto thefts last month. 

According to police data, eleven vehicles were stolen and five robberies were committed on daily basis in June. The federal capital also saw three incidents of snatching each day. 

There were two dacoities, each in the limits of Rural and Saddar zone police. In legal parlance, a dacoity is a crime committed by five or more armed people. 

In addition, the capital also witnessed 14 violent robberies in which criminals attacked and wounded people at gunpoint. Five such street crime cases were reported in the area of Industrial Area Zone, four in Rural, three in Saddar, and two in the City zones. 

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There were also three cases in which criminals cloaked as security staff either robbed or snatched cash and valuables from citizens. One such horrible incident occurred in Saddar, Rural, and Industrial Area zones each. 

Similarly, robbers targeted 163 places. The Saddar Zone police recorded 58 burglary incidents, Rural Zone 45, Industrial Area Zone 42, and 16 cases were registered by City Zone. 

Moreover, 91 cases of snatching were also recorded in the city, comprising 39 in the Rural Zone, 34 in Industrial Area Zone, 14 in Saddar Zone, and 4 in the City Zone. 

There were almost 337 cases of auto thefts including 281 motorcycles, 55 four-wheelers, and a rickshaw, the police informed, adding 17 automobiles were also stolen from Saddar Zone, 16 from Rural Area, 14 from City Zone, and eight from Industrial Area Zone. 

The capital police recorded 105 street crime cases of motorcycles that were stolen from Saddar Zone, 66 from City Zone, and 58 from Rural Zone. 

Likewise, the police also recorded 84 incidents of robberies i.e. 36 in Saddar Area, 29 in City Zone, 11 in Rural Area, and eight in Industrial Area Zone. 

The police further said that 141 cases of thefts were also recorded, out of which, 40 incidents were reported from Saddar Area, 35 from City Zone, 34 from Industrial Area Zone, and 32 from Rural Zone. 

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