Government Launches PSDP Portal to Enhance Transparency in Development Projects

Government Launches PSDP Portal to Enhance Transparency in Development Projects

In a bid to enhance transparency and public accountability, the government has unveiled a new portal dedicated to the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). The platform will provide extensive data on current and prior-year development projects, collectively valued at over Rs 1.1 trillion. 

Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal initiated the PSDP Portal during a ceremony held at the Planning Ministry. Key attendees included the Additional Secretary of the Planning Ministry, Members of the Planning Commission, the Chairman of the Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), and other stakeholders. 

The PSDP, which accounts for the federal development budget, plays a vital role in advancing the government’s development objectives by establishing sectoral and regional priorities under the national plan. 

A ministry statement explained the strategic significance of this digital venture, stating, “This initiative is designed to tap into the power of digital technology to foster transparency, enhance governance, and heighten public awareness about the government’s developmental trajectory and priorities.” 

The portal will offer citizens a clear understanding of the various developmental projects across the nation. It will also make the goals, scope, and potential impacts of each project more accessible, thereby encouraging public engagement and participation. 

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Minister Iqbal hailed this initiative as a ‘landmark’ moment in the nation’s history, asserting that it will ensure transparency in PSDP projects and foster direct public involvement via the portal. 

“This initiative will be instrumental in bridging the trust gap that has historically existed between the state and its citizens,” the minister emphasized. 

The portal offers an interactive map interface, allowing users to see the geographic distribution of projects. This feature empowers users to search for projects by location, examine project profiles, and obtain a holistic understanding of specific area development initiatives. 

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