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Five Pakistanis featured in World Poetry Tree, a global poetry anthology

World Poetry Tree

For the very first time, an album of the poetry of more than 400 foremost poets from all over the world was grouped and accumulated in the form of World Poetry Tree. It was hurled at the Dubai Expo 2020.

The e-book promotion happened at Dubai Expo 2020, with five Pakistanis —Fazil Jamili, Shahid Abbas, Jameela Nishat, Shadab Hashmi, and Adeeba Shahid Talukder taking the integrity of being included in it.

According to a statement, Pakistanis are among the 400 poets, some of whom are nominations for the Nobel Prize for directors of international poetry festivals, Literature, magazines, supervisors of pages, and poetry situates in all continents, who exhibit their poems for the connotations of love, hope, and peace in a post-pandemic world.

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Moreover, this step targets to record the occurrence of global poetry in all world expos, beginning with the Dubai Expo 2020, the declaration said.

There will also be other prints of the World Poetry Tree that will be released from the forthcoming Expos in Osaka, Japan, in 2025 and beyond. The Dubai Expo exhibits primary artists, singers, and performers from across the world, this E-book will enhance poets to the amalgam, to be in the core of the world’s biggest occasions, and to collect the international poetry terms in one song, it said.

Additionally, the World Poetry Tree is made and exhibited by poet Adel Khozam, who is one of the most noticeable poetic names in the Emirates, has printed 15 books in novels, poetry, philosophy, and more. Recently he has won the Tulliola International Prize for Poetry from Italy.

 “They are communicated through this digital anthology at an important time and history of humanity, that is the return of life to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and imposed isolation on people and distanced them from each other,” the poet said.

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