Federal Education Ministry Revives Housing Benefit for Federal Directorate of Education Staff

Federal Education Ministry Revives Housing Benefit for Federal Directorate of Education Staff

Pakistan’s Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training has unveiled a move to restore the housing benefit facility for teachers and personnel of the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE). This facility, which had been discontinued since May 2022 due to budgetary constraints, has been the cause of considerable financial strain on the teaching community. 

Originally, the housing allowance provision enabled government staff members to lease accommodations for their families, the expense of which would be footed by the government. However, faced with limited funds earmarked for housing allocations within educational bodies, this provision was discontinued for educators, while remaining in effect for other government personnel. This provoked concerns of disparity among the teaching fraternity. 

The decision to rescind the ban on new hires has been greeted with palpable relief and fervour among teachers. The move has been commended by Dr. Rahima Rehman, the President of the Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA). She expressed profound gratitude for the restoration of the housing benefit, underscoring the relief it would bring to teachers who had been saddled with the financial pressure of securing rental accommodations. 

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The Ministry’s decision is a significant gesture acknowledging the challenges endured by teachers and taking decisive action to correct the imbalance in housing benefits. This development is anticipated to significantly boost the overall welfare of educators and further the progression of the educational infrastructure in Pakistan’s capital city. 

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