Electric Bikes Gain Popularity In Pakistan As New Startups Enter The Market

electric bike in pakistan by zyp technologies

As fuel prices in Pakistan continue to soar, electric bikes are gradually becoming more popular in the country. In response to the burgeoning demand, new startups are also entering the market to diversify and capitalize on the trend. 

One such startup is ZYP Technologies, which recently gained viral attention on social media with the announcement of their new electric bikes, Magvus. According to the company’s official website, Magvus is Pakistan’s first EV with a swappable battery, making it an innovative and eco-friendly option for commuters. 

Based on the popular Chinese 150cc bike, Road Prince Wego, Magvus boasts impressive features such as an IP67 waterproof motor, a lithium battery designed to serve for 5+ years, a range of 120km in economy mode, and a top speed of 100km/h. The electric bike can also accelerate from 0 to 60km/h in just 6 seconds. 

In addition to developing the electric bike, ZYP Technologies is also working on creating battery swap stations. According to Horsepower Pakistan, these stations will allow for a battery to be swapped in less than two minutes, making it similar to a traditional fuel station for bikes. This concept has been in practice in India and other countries for some time. 

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Although details about Magvus’ launch and price are currently unknown, the bike is almost ready for production, indicating that its launch will likely occur soon. With startups like ZYP Technologies entering the market, it is clear that the electric bike trend is gaining momentum in Pakistan, offering a practical and eco-friendly solution for commuters in the country. 

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