Dynamic Literary Sessions Highlight Second Day of Lahore’s Jashn-e-Jaun Elia Festival


The three-day literary celebration, Jashn-e-Jaun Elia, co-hosted by the Lahore Arts Council and Ishqabad, marked its second day with an array of lively intellectual exchanges. This festival opened new paths for vibrant discourse, facilitating literary enthusiasts to engage in enriching dialogues. 

The day was marked by a variety of sessions. It included a deep-dive into historiography, a lively discussion with celebrated writer Asghar Nadeem Syed, an investigation into the evolution of journalism, and a heartfelt homage to the late poet Amjad Islam Amjad. A special segment was dedicated to exploring and appreciating the works of Jaun Elia, the namesake of the festival. 

Engrossing conversations revolving around contemporary Urdu Ghazal and fiction, storytelling techniques, stirring Punjabi poetry presented by Sultan Mahmood Ashafta, insights on the Indus Valley Civilization, and an engaging chat with esteemed writer Anwar Maqsood were among the highlights of the day. The audience was also treated to an analytical review of Majeed Amjad’s poetic creations and a Mushaira, enhancing the rich literary ambiance. 

The diversity in literary genres was clearly evident and celebrated during the festival sessions, enriching the cultural experience for the attendees. 

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The Jashn-e-Jaun Elia Festival is set to conclude on Sunday. The Executive Director of the Alhamra Centre, Muhammad Saleem Sagar, underlined his dedication to creating an accommodating environment for participants, both local and international, further enhancing the enriching experience of the festival. 

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