Due to Covid, production activities of local leather industry are limited to 50%

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Generally, the industrial and trading sectors of Pakistan have been badly affected due to Covid-19 but the same proved to be a blessing in disguise for certain industries which have been involved in export. Activities in the industries like textile, garments, cement, etc. reached the highest level after a very long time.  

One of the main reasons for this was the worsening condition of Coronavirus in China, India, and Bangladesh. The trend of international importers shifted to Pakistan. The leather industry could not get the fruits of the game. Abdul Salam, the Sr. Vice Chairman Pakistan Tanners Association, told the media that 30% to 40% of small and medium-sized leather manufacturing units have been affected due to the coronavirus for the last year.  

At the moment, only 60% of the units are operational, but these are working at 50% of their production capacity. He said that due to Covid-19, international exhibitions of leather products could not take place, therefore the leather industry in Pakistan did not receive expected huge international orders. 

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He added that due to Covid-19, a big vacuum has arisen in the world leather fashion industry. International traders of leather are short of the stock and it is hoped that as and when the intensity of coronavirus decreases, the Pakistan leather industry would receive huge international orders. He said that at present, the export of finished leather, meant for the manufacturing of shoes and sofa to European countries is on the way.  

Due to the coronavirus, the government has ousted small and medium-size leather export industries from the list of DLTL in 2018. There is a big share of the tannery industry in exports of the country. If the same is again included in the list DLTL, it is likely that this industry will enhance the export to the extent of 40%. He informed that for the enhancement of the share in the international market, the industry of Pakistan will be bound to be a member of the International Leather Working Group by 2023.           

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