CSS 2022 Exams: Shockingly Low Pass Rate of 1.85%, FPSC Reports

CSS Exams

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has released the final results of the Central Superior Services (CSS) 2022 examinations, revealing a disconcertingly low pass rate of just 1.85%. According to the FPSC, only 237 candidates out of the total participants managed to successfully clear the test, indicating a significant challenge in the nation’s competitive exam system. 

Of those who passed, the gender distribution highlights 146 males and 91 females, marking a contrast in the success ratio. These results are now available on the FPSC’s official website, which provides the names of successful candidates along with their respective assigned occupational groups or services. 

For the CSS 2022 exams, an overwhelming number of 20,262 candidates registered and took the test. However, a mere 393 individuals successfully navigated through the written portion of the examination, indicating the high level of difficulty and competitive nature of the exams. 

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The exam topper, Talha Rafiq from Punjab, emerged victorious and has been assigned to the esteemed Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS). Following in the top rankings are Yasir Bilal, Ahmad Hassan Chatha, Muhammad Awais Sultan, and Noman Hafeez, all candidates from Punjab, showcasing the province’s strong representation in the top five. 

Adding diversity to the upper ranks, Bareera Bullo from Sindh Rural carved a place for herself within the top 10. She has been assigned to the Police Services of Pakistan (PSP), bringing a non-Punjab perspective into the leading ranks of this rigorous national examination. 

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