Bureaucracy blamed for petrol shortage

petrol shortage

Refineries and oil companies blamed the bureaucracy for the recent petrol shortage in Pakistan which continued for 2 weeks.

The country faced a petrol shortage after its price was slashed for the month of June and oil companies and refineries went on to blame the bureaucracy for it. It is being said that the indecision regarding imports and enhancing local petrol production led to the current condition. “Disinformation campaign and maligning of refineries and oil marketing companies” is a matter of big concern said The Oil Companies Advisory Council on Sunday.

“It is regretful that a lot of misinformation and blame game directed towards the Downstream Petroleum Sector has been observed particularly in the past two weeks which is unnecessary and counterproductive,”

The Oil Companies Advisory Council said that there was a crucial need to review and examine the inborn reasons for this shortage of petrol in the whole country.

It has been claimed that the ministry failed to control the rise in demand because lockdown was eased in May and there was a tendency among consumers to move and drive around with extraordinarily low oil prices etc.

The council further said, “We would like to highlight that a typical supply chain of petroleum products ranges 45-60 days whereas an increase of 82 percent in June sales compared to April sales is significant, especially when there is a heavy reliance on petrol imports which is associated with its various supply complexities such as securing appropriate quantities through International Suppliers/Traders, availability of bulk product carriers (ships) in the marine freight market, port constraints, etc.”.

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