Australian envoy vows to make Pakistan Australia relations stronger in future

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Dr. Geoffrey Shaw, the Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan on Australia Day said that he was confident that our two nations would continue to strengthen the positive relationship well into the future.

According to the Press Release, the Australian High Commissioner said, “Australia Day is when Australians celebrate our nation’s achievements and its people and is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the relationship between our two great countries.”

He pointed towards Pakistan. Australia is amongst those countries which recognized Pakistan just after its inception.

The High Commissioner said that there are a lot of common things between the two countries, the most important of which are the love for cricket and historical ties and these two things are the strong foundation for strengthening the relations.

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There are more than 80,000 Pakistanis who live in Australia and consider it their own country. There are a lot of students who desire to go to Australia for getting a high-quality education. These young people contribute to Pakistan’s bright future and build on their links with Australia.

He further said that Australia is a supporter of Pakistan’s prosperity, stability, and development. The country supported Pakistan in many ways, especially during 2020 when COVID-19 attacked Pakistan too.

The government of Australia helped Pakistan with the purchase of ventilators and supported Ehsaas nutrition centers and assisted the women in lockdown.

This all is beside the long-term development cooperation to better manage scarce water resources, improve agricultural productivity and promote gender equality.

The Australian High Commissioner added that there is a significant potential to unlock in our growing business relationship, particularly in education and agriculture.

Moreover, Australia’s Aid Program says that Australia has a strong interest in Pakistan given its size, economic potential, and strategic position in South Asia and is committed to supporting Pakistan to build economic prosperity and promote sustainable, equitable development.

Australia’s aid program aims to contribute to sustainable inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction in Pakistan through two strategic objectives.

One is generating sustainable growth and employment through increased trade and investment and improvement to agriculture productivity, water resources management, and industry and, investing in Pakistan’s people through health and education.

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