Adobe launched free AI-powered Photoshop Camera app

Adobe Photoshop Camera app

Adobe has launched its AI-powered free Photoshop Camera app, that lets you capture, edit, and share, photos with powerful tools and effects.

There are photo editing apps where you get the filter and apply them on your picture to make them look attractive, but Adobe Photoshop is here with some very striking, eye catching, and way better filters than you can imagine.

The new Photoshop camera app is released by Adobe for both iOS and Android versions. A glimpse of the features included in the application was displayed back in November 2019 but a complete roll out of the features has finally arrived and through the camera app, you can import photos from the phone or directly capture while remaining in the application. Place high-quality filters and effects on your photo to make them more memorable.

As you may be wondering that there are so many filters to apply to your pictures, what new Adobe has to offer to the users? So here is one filter example, now you can turn your look into glitch sculpture or you can make a dreamy looking sky into a photo of the horizon.

Back in November 2019, Adobe highlighted Billie Eilish branded camera lenses for Photoshop camera. So it’s a probability we will see more powerful features while using the app. Although the features are not comparable with the full version of the PC software, those who already using Adobe Photoshop software will definitely go for the app now.

Check out the Adobe Photoshop Camera app and get exciting Instagram selfies.

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