412,451 Pakistani migrant workers went to different countries in 6 months of 2022

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Pakistan’s professionals and migrant workers received positive feedback in the international job market as the country’s export of manpower to various countries showed an outstanding growth crossing 0.412 million during the first half of 2022. 

According to data released by the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment, the number of employees who moved from Pakistan to different foreign countries stood at 412,451 from January-June 2022, against 288,280 workers who migrated abroad from January-December 2021 during the Covid-19 epidemic. 

The export of talent from Pakistan has resulted in a recovery of the pre-Covid level. In 2020, the number of employees sent by the country dropped to 225,213. In 2019, the manpower export of Pakistan stood at 625,876. 

Moreover, a majority of immigrant laborers from Pakistan were employed by Gulf-based companies after a long gap period in which they were unemployed because of COVID-19 restrictions. 

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In addition, new migrant workers are also being engaged by the companies in the United Arab of Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) that are willing to resume their operations to the pre-COVID-19 levels. 

The demand for workers has hiked up considerably in the countries of the Gulf region including UAE, KSA, and Qatar as these markets resumed working on their economic plans. 

Moreover, 250,318 Pakistanis migrated to the KSA alone during the first six months of 2022. 

UAE, Oman, and Qatar remained the top three destinations for Pakistanis workers during this period as the exports of manpower to these countries stood at 72,196, 42,266, and 27,151 respectively. 

However, the exports of workers to major countries like the UK and the USA were just 798 and 365 respectively, while those to European countries were mostly concentrated in Romania and Spain, with the number of workers getting employment standing at 1,405 and 341 respectively. 

Other countries in which Pakistanis were given job opportunities recently are Kuwait with 769 workers, Bahrain with 8,563, Iraq with 985, Cyprus with 1,072, and South Korea with 660. 

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