Why Earning Money At An Early Age Can Be Both Good And Bad? 

Why earning money at an early age can be both good and bad?

As teenager gets older they start taking more responsibility and attempt to earn money in their early youth. You may be overjoyed because teenagers can be expensive. When your teen starts driving, the costs of a car, insurance, and gas can quickly add up. While many teenagers work at some point during high school, you may be wondering if it’s a good idea for your teenager to work. There are numerous advantages to teens working, including: 

Making money

This is usually the most obvious benefit, especially from the standpoint of your teen. Teenagers receive a tangible reward for their efforts when they have their own money to spend. They’ll learn valuable money management lessons from earning to spending to saving. They will also feel more self-sufficient and empowered. Working part-time is an excellent way for your child to begin earning their own money and learning how to manage it effectively. 

Learning essential skills

Working in high school teaches students time management and organization. They learn important communication skills as well as teamwork. They build a work history and can transfer those skills to the adult working world. 

Create a sense of responsibility and character

As a teenager, taking on a part-time job can help develop a sense of responsibility and accountability. Having the ability to take initiative, act independently, and stick to commitments can be extremely beneficial in life. Working in a teen job can be a valuable learning experience that will prepare you for the realities of working life and will help you excel in the future. 

Learn about potential careers

A good job can provide insight into what you might want to do after you finish your education. You may discover that you enjoy working with others or that you want to start your own business. A part-time job, if nothing else, exposes you to new experiences and may inspire you to find your life’s work. 

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Improve your CV 

A part-time job is an excellent addition to a CV when applying for future employment or further education. It demonstrates critical thinking abilities. Collaboration, communication, and problem-solving are examples of these. 

Create professional networks

You never know who you might meet in the workplace, and having the opportunity to network at a young age can help with your future career prospects. The coworkers you meet at work may have a significant impact on your future professional development. It is critical to remain polite and maintain excellent relationships with your coworkers and managers because you never know where one job may lead you. 

What Are the Best Jobs for Teenagers? 

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes guidelines for how many hours minors can work, how much they are paid, and their safety. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to perform hazardous tasks such as excavating or operating heavy machinery. The number of hours they are permitted to work is determined by their age, with older teens being permitted to work more hours than younger teens. 

There are some exceptions to the rules, such as agricultural work and children working for their parents. Each state has its own set of laws governing child labour. If state law differs from federal law, the more protective of the child guideline takes precedence. 

There are numerous options for teens looking for work within those parameters. The following are some of the best part-time jobs for teenagers: 

Employed in a restaurant, cafe, bakery, or ice cream parlour 

These part-time jobs are typically easy to find, regardless of where you live. Simply inquire if your favourite establishments are hiring. Service jobs teach you valuable skills for future employment, such as customer service and a behind-the-scenes look at how food service businesses operate. You’ll most likely work with people your age and get free food. Win! 

Hold a bake sale

Check your school’s official selling policies, but candy, snacks, or homemade baked goods are sure to go over well with your classmates. After all, who doesn’t want warm chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the day? “You have hundreds and hundreds of customers at your school,” explains Chase Community Manager Tatiana Roberts. “You have access to that audience as a teenager, which you may be able to use to sell your product. When I was in high school, I even held a bake sale during lunch to raise funds for a choir trip to New York City.” 

Experiment with content creation

If you’re looking for the best way to make money with your phone, look no further. There’s a social media niche out there for you if you’re an artist, a poet, a photographer, or someone who enjoys coming up with ideas for beauty, food, or product photoshoots. Brands are constantly looking to pay for UGC (user-generated content, a.k.a. the fantastic photos or videos you take or create), so while this side hustle requires some initial effort, it can eventually turn into a flexible, lucrative job. 

Furniture should be flipped

Do you collect vintage items? Do you have an eye for items that, with a little TLC, could be transformed into a one-of-a-kind piece? With the right artistic touch, that nightstand you saw on the curb could become something worth selling for cold, hard cash. “Flipping is a great way to make money whether you’re repairing, painting, or decorating old items before selling them,” says Roberts. “Many people are looking for one-of-a-kind furniture and are willing to pay more for it than they would in a regular store.” 


Take up photography by learning the basics through online courses, Skillshare, or YouTube. Once you’re comfortable, you can list your photos as stock images for sale on Shutterstock or Getty Images, or turn them into art prints. Alternatively, you can offer your services as a photographer for birthday parties, family portraits, local performances, or weddings. 

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Work in a clothing store or boutique

Check with your local stores to see if they are hiring seasonal, weekend, or part-time sales associates. If you end up working somewhere you frequently shop, you’ll be able to use the employee discount as well. 

If you want to work in the fashion industry as an intern, the best way to prepare is to work in a fashion store. Working at a clothing store will allow you to get your foot in the door for future internships and even post-college jobs while earning an hourly wage. 

Create a YouTube channel

Consider starting a YouTube channel if you’re interested in fashion, beauty, music, or lifestyle. Fair warning: this side hustle does not pay right away, and it will take some time to set up your channel and build a portfolio of videos. However, it is worthwhile if you have a favourite topic for making videos because YouTubers with over 1000 subscribers have access to GoogleAdSense, which pays you for ad clicks and views on your videos. 

According to most sources, each view earns a few cents (which adds up over time), but the exact amount depends on factors such as the total number of views, clicks, and other engagement statistics. 

Is Working as a Teen Disadvantageous? 

One of the most significant disadvantages of a teen job is that work and after-school activities may conflict. If your teen is involved in sports or other extracurricular activities, they may be unable to keep up once they begin working. Work may interfere with homework and school projects if they are taking a heavy load of classes. Following are some of the Disadvantages of working to earn money in teenage 

fewer extracurricular options 

Working a shift has the potential to interfere with your extracurricular activities. With a part-time job, it can be difficult to manage your time, and opportunities to participate in sports teams, drama productions, or volunteer opportunities may be limited. If you feel like your childhood is passing you by too quickly and you don’t want to give up any hobbies, you should consider taking on a teen job. 

Increases stress 

Working too hard or for too many hours can significantly contribute to high stress levels. Increased job-related stress may have a negative impact on your health and studies, which may jeopardize your job prospects. Your health is your top priority, and it’s critical to consider whether a teen job could jeopardize it. 

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There aren’t as many job opportunities

There are fewer job opportunities for teenagers than for those with prior experience. It is critical that younger job seekers are aware of this and are willing to begin in an entry-level position. Some of these positions may be less glamorous, and may even entail performing unpleasant tasks or working for a company that does not fit your ideal employer profile. It’s important to remember that entry-level jobs are an important part of your professional development and can help you find other opportunities after you graduate. 

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