Unhealthy lifestyle of Pakistan in 2022

unhealthy lifestyle of Pakistan

Pakistan is among those countries where people are least concerned with their health. Many people suffer from non-communicative diseases (NCD) due to the unhealthy lifestyle of Pakistan.

Sleeping late at night and waking up late in the morning has become the trend of the modern lifestyle. Primarily the youngsters are least concerned about their health. They are so engaged in their studies that they do not give attention to their proper diet. They go for junk food and fast food which is the cause of many diseases and weight problems. Working people are also busy doing their duty hours that they do not have time to consume healthy food rather they prefer to eat whatever fast food is available from restaurants and feel satisfied with their diet.

This country is taking no care regarding their healthy diet rather they take whatever food that satisfies their taste buds. This is a big reason behind the obesity, diseases and unhealthy youth of Pakistan. On the other hand, due to extreme poverty, there are people how can’t afford even the basic eating items and products. More than 53 percent of young people in the country are underweight according to their ages. Pakistan is at the top of countries that are affected by malnutritional and food scarcity. Only 3 percent of kids are taking the proper diet that is necessary for their proper growth and wellbeing.

Malnutrition can lead to serious health issues, stunted growth, heart disease, reduced muscle growth, and short height. Short height and stunted growth are some of the basic problems that are caused by malnutrition. About 43 percent of people are affected by stunted growth and we see people, especially, young people are short in height. This stunted growth is due to the lack of proper diet and nutrients they are taking in daily life.

Since we are taking an improper diet, mothers give birth to unhealthy babies, who suffer from Iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, vitamin A and D deficiency. Moreover, pregnant women are anemic, which is highly dangerous for her and her child too. 14 percent of mothers are weak after giving birth and due to poverty, they are unable to take proper diet which leads them to lose weight or leads to the deficiency of A and D vitamins and deficiency of Zinc and Iron.

Such extreme cases of consuming an improper diet and the unhealthy lifestyle of Pakistan should be a serious concern for the inhabitants of this country and steps should be taken to provide people with healthy food. Junk food is consumed too frequently these days. In the likeness of tasty food, people ignore natural and nutrient-rich food i.e. vegetables, fruits, dairy, protein, etc. There is another serious problem. More than half of the population has no access to wholesome flour, organic grains and natural salt that is extracted from our Pakistani mines. Rather we prefer to use refined salt and refined flour which is mixed with artificial food.

Another dangerous intake in our daily lives is of tobacco. People consume tobacco by smoking it, without knowing the dangerous side effects and disadvantages of it. It is the killer which gradually kills you from inside without your knowledge which is usually called non-communicative diseases. People consume it daily and ultimately, they get diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke that are usually diagnosed in the last stage.

Around 160,000 people die every year in Pakistan due to the use of tobacco i.e. smoking. It causes heart and lung problems. Extreme use of tobacco leads to a heart attack and stroke, which, in many cases prove fatal. Around 24 percent of people are tobacco users in Pakistan. People consume tobacco daily whether that is in smoking form or any other form. It causes oral infection and Pakistan comes in the second place that is mostly affected by oral cancer due to tobacco use.

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle of Pakistan, half of the men and women in the country are suffering from obesity. It is because of eating too much unhealthy food without proper workout. Eating unhealthy junk food increases the amount of fats in the body. Obesity has produced many diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and overweight. We must always check while buying food from the market. Most of the unnatural products are not healthy. That is why natural and organic food is suggested to everyone and widespread awareness should be done that promotes and encourages natural food eating habits in comparison to unhealthy junk food.

Apart from this, these are the top health problems Pakistan is also facing:

Malaria, Tuberculosis (TB), Ischemic heart disease, Stroke and Diabetes

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