Substandard Food Served at Hotels in Pakistan

Substandard Food Served

The tradition of eating and ordering food from restaurants and hotels has grown massively in recent times. Pakistanis find it convenient to dine out or order food from a hotel than to cook it at home. This has given rise to the opening of new hotels, chain restaurants, and fast food outlets at every little distance. Unfortunately, in many cases, it has been observed that substandard food served at hotels in Pakistan.

This growth of food spots has also given rise to many safety and health issues. People eat and order food by thinking that whatever they ordered will be cooked in healthy oil and with clean hands. The spices and ingredients used in dishes will be original and not expired. Unfortunately, this is not the case all the time. People trust the hotel and think that whatever they are eating is made with clean hands and with fresh ingredients without knowing that the food they are eating in hotels can be full of contamination and made of spoiled material.  

People choose an expensive hotel by thinking that for the high price they pay, they will get to eat tasty and healthy food that is made in a hygienic environment. But according to the research, 70 percent of the food we eat from hotels or restaurants is contaminated. Though such food is made with dirty hands, the hotels make it delicious with good aroma and consumers feel satisfied.

The chef wears no gloves or masks and makes the ordered food with their dirty hands. In many cases, the food is old and kept open and when the order is placed, they just give it heat and a little touch of spices that make the food look fresh. Therefore, we daily see many restaurants getting sealed by food inspectors due to the uncleanliness and use of spoiled and expired food products.

Many diseases occur due to the consumption of substandard food served at hotels. People who are habitual of eating food outside of the home from hotels or restaurants are more at risk. It causes;

Food poisoning:

Be very careful about what you are ordering to eat because a damaged stomach cannot be made healthy again easily. Food poisoning due to unhygienic food damages the digestive system and is common in children and pregnant women.


Bacteria get double in number after every 20 minutes and contaminated food is full of bacteria. Consuming spoiled food can immediately make a person sick. Most of the bacteria are killed during cooking of the food but still, many harmful bacteria are left behind that are enough to make a person sick.

Unhygienic ways, uncovered food and use of expired items are the main reasons behind highly harmful bacteria in the food. In this way, people get food poisoning and sometimes even die due to the consumption of expired food. Try to consume healthy food and buy with surety of its proper hygiene. The food authorities also need to increase their efforts and take strict action against restaurants and hotels that are serving and selling contaminated food to people.

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