Sleep deprivation among students in Pakistan

Sleep deprivation among students

Students are facing sleep deprivation due to many reasons that are affecting their health. Competitive study environment, family pressure, maintaining a social life and young age stress are only some of the reasons for sleep deprivation among students in Pakistan.

A normal person’s sleep is recommended to be 7-8 hours every night which is essential to have a healthy life and cognitive thinking. But young people especially students are observed to have less sleep and are suffering from sleep deprivation.

Sleep is an unconscious state of mind of a person. The mind works in the correct order when sleep is taken properly of adequate hours with a proper cycle because sleep is an essential part of life so that the mind will stay fresh throughout the day. A healthy sleep cycle improves the chances of full concentration with less stress.

The obvious signs of sleep deprivation are sleepy mind, itchy eyes, irritability, yawning and fatigue or forgetfulness, lack of motivation, losing appetite and depressed mood. On the other hand, some students fall asleep to reduce stress while some other students are not able to sleep and are suffering from insomnia.

Two aspects of sleep are quite important; quality and quantity of sleep. Students who take long uninterrupted sleep or oversleep are also not having a proper quantity of sleep because oversleep becomes counterproductive. Students who take quality sleep of the required hours are more likely to show good grades in academics.

Students’ highly tough studies, competition for good grades, family expectations, taking time out for gatherings and social media addiction are making them stressed and they are unable to have proper sleep at night. Moreover, other reasons like domestic problems and financial constraints also do not let them have seven to eight hours of sleep and in extreme cases, sleep deprivation leads to insomnia.

Sleep is directly related to the good academic performance of students. Many students sacrifice their sleep to work harder and secure good grades in academics. Education is getting expensive day by day; people are striving hard to pay the fees of educational institutions. But when they do not score according to their expectation or fail to get any job, the sleep deprivation leads them to suicide.

The disturbed living standard is also giving people sleepless nights. Students in the country are trying to get a quality education by balancing their finances. Unfortunately, 24 % of Pakistanis are below the poverty line that makes millions of families impoverished. The poverty leading to a lack of basic life living facilities cause many disorders in life and sleep deprivation is one of them which then leads to many physical and mental health issues.

Students first suffer from lack of proper sleep during their studies in the pursuit of getting high grades and after graduation reasons like competitive workplace environment and unemployment lead to serious sleep deprivation. Mental disorders developed due to less sleep may even lead to chronic deprivation and suicidal thinking. A large number of people commit suicide due to the stress they face every day.

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