Schedule Free Time for Yourself to Stay Healthy

Free Time for Yourself

In a meeting, friends were talking about their daily routine. Their work routine was doing a job or business. One said, that in the evening when he arrived home, he gave time to his family members and went to the masjid to pray Isha prayer. At night he went to spend time with his parents and later went to bed for sleep. It is a common routine of the majority in Pakistan nowadays. All the daily schedule is spent on work and with friends and family with no allocation of free time for yourself to stay healthy.

People never think of this inactive routine throughout their lives. One should give time to oneself in a way to relax both mentally and physically. Engage in some recreational activity, watch a movie, a tv series and do some physical exercise to get physical relaxation. Going to the gym, doing meditation, taking yoga classes or even going for a walk are also good and healthy activities to engage yourself in. This type of devotion to the physical growth of own personality is highly beneficial in the long run.

In Pakistan, if one looks around, a very painful fact will be transpired that less than one percent of people schedule free time for yourself. Many confusions are prevailing in the minds of Pakistanis. One confusion is about the exercise. People think that doing exercise means doing very special arrangements, arranging some extra time and extra money for food, etc. It means, doing physical exercise or going to the gym is considered to be a waste of time. Notwithstanding, physical exercise is not part of extra time rather this is the task that should be done regularly along with doing all the daily activities.

It is very simple to understand that some good exercises after getting early in the morning, breathing and walking in a lush green park for few minutes are a good exercise, brisk walk only for 10 minutes either in the morning or at night is a good exercise, lying on your bed moving both legs systematically up and down for 15 times, standing in a straight position and keeping both hands on waist and then bowing doing 5 times is the best exercise for waist, etc.

Above mentioned few exercises show that spending very little time with yourself, one can be healthy and it underscores this famous saying that “a healthy body is the career of the healthy soul”. Unfortunately, very little attention is given to health in Pakistan. There are a lot of manifestations of this behavior. One is the receding tress in Pakistan, due to which green patches and playgrounds are diminishing in cities. Little or no funds are reserved by the local governments for the games and play areas.

The authorities need to up the effort and spend more on promoting games and their benefits for physical health, in a time when everyone is stuck to his smartphone. The awareness must be carried out via different media like paper, electronic, digital and social media.

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