Rapid Increase of Corona Virus; Lockdown is The Only Way


Corona virus is spreading rapidly and it has locked down the whole world. Till now, 409,355 people have become its victim and 18,274 deaths have discovered. It is observed that people are taking it lightly.

Millions of deaths occur due to other diseases annually worldwide, but no one is ready to understand the critical condition that corona virus has reached the top 3rd deadly disease within 3 months after heart diseases and cancer. According to specialists, there is no authentic vaccine that has invented so far but all are rumors.

The number of infected people is increasing day by day. Hundreds of people are dying and yet no cause behind corona virus has discovered. No one is able to identify the main cause and its treatment, but prevention has suggested by the doctors.

Specialist doctors say that the condition is getting out of control and there are many chances of reaching the virus on the 3rd stage where no treatment would be affected. As this disease is contagious, that is why everyone is being consistently suggested staying at home and do not go outside.


To avoid reaching the 3rd stage, here are some of the precautions that can help in prevention:

  • Immediately wash your hands just after you hold the packs of milk or any packed product.
  • Avoid reading the newspaper as much as possible.
  • Do not touch couriers that you receive from the courier man. Instead, give a basket or tray to the courier man to put that into it and do not touch it before an hour.
  • Do not let your servants do any work at home before they wash their hands and feet properly.
  • Clean television remote, switchboards or mobile phones with a wet cloth as children at home take such things into the mouth.
  • If you need to go outside for some urgent work, then immediately change your clothes after returning. Do not put these clothes in the laundry, make sure to wash them with alcoholic detergent.
  • Most importantly, do not let go of children and old people outside of the home. The virus attacks 60 times more quickly on children and old people than youngsters.

Russia, Italy, China, Japan and many other countries have taken strict actions against going outside of the home and complete quarantine can be observed in such countries.

While many of the illiterate people are considering all the precautions and prevention a fun in Pakistan.

Remember, corona virus will not enter your home until you go outside.

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