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Instant Noodles: Why Are They Bad For You?

Instant noodles

Instant noodles are an easy and quick way of making and eating a delicious meal. In Pakistan, such noodles are produced in a large quantities that is eaten by millions as a common food staple. Many different noodle brands have been introduced that have tough competition in the market. Which means people like to prefer instant noodles instead of taking natural fresh food. Instant noodles have been recognized as the most eaten and liked food globally. The reasons behind their popularity are convenience, variety of flavors, quick to make, safety, longer preserving period and affordable price, which make the companies famous.

Everybody knows that instant noodles are made up of eggs, wheat flour, and water along with natural food flavors and spices that are cooked by adding them to boiled water. In just a few minutes they are ready to serve. They can be made and consumed at any place, whether you are at home, work or traveling.

But, let’s look at the negative side of these instant noodles. They got side effects and everyone must know them before consuming them. Especially children and girls are more prone to the risk of health problems after consuming them. Instant noodles are not healthy because they contain no nutritional value as well as they have no natural food process. Such noodles only lead to obesity in children. One cup of noodles contains a high amount of salt and 36 calories which is highly dangerous. Noodles are preserved for the long term and this preservation process needs toxic chemicals added into it.

On the other hand, instant noodles have a high risk of causing high levels of metabolic syndrome. It raises the risk of heart problems and other health issues like stroke and diabetes. Those women who are highly fond of eating instant noodles are at 68 percent high risk of their high metabolism. Instant noodles are high in fats, high in calories and high in salt.

Nutritionists advise that instant noodles are not too harmful but still they should not be consumed very often. Rather, consuming it less is the best option. People are getting crazy to eat them and as a result, they develop some diseases. If you are really fond of eating noodles then eat pure flour made noodles and try to cook them at home. They have high in nutrition and are good for health. The girls should be conscious of consuming instant noodles and must opt for consuming pure flour made noodles. Moreover, it has been observed that mothers give their small children instant noodles which destroys the children’s immune system at a very small age.

Instant noodles should not be replaced with a proper healthy meal. If a child is highly fond of eating instant noodles then try to replace them with wheat made noodles with some vegetables. It helps the child to avoid constipation and the food will be digested easily. Parents should be conscious of their children’s eating habits because the effects of food will be with them for their whole life.

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