Punjabi Culture and Traditions

punjabi culture

Punjab is the embodiment of life in Pakistan because it is the most populous province in the country. The Punjabi lifestyle and customs are highly rich that follow the culture that dates back to centuries. It is rich in literature, cuisines, arts, tradition, architecture, military warfare, and spoken languages.

People who belong to the Punjabi region or who reside in Punjab province are considered to be Punjabi. Even anyone who speaks Punjabi is also considered Punjab. This language is spoken all over the world and it is included in the most spoken languages worldwide because it has 100-150 million speakers. Punjabi is the 4th number of the most spoken languages in Canada.

Punjabi culture is so strong now that it has spread like a religion. This culture was very limited and its creed and community etc were ignored but the situation has become opposite today. One thing is quite famous regarding Punjabi people that they are fun-loving and warm-hearted. They love to celebrate traditions and festivals.

One of the most famous traditions of Punjabis is the “bhangra” that is now becoming part of the mainstream music industry. The music beats and the dance steps have made a bid name for themselves. Punjabi has many other different kinds of dances that have emerged and all these dances have their own origin story to tell, some are religious and some non-religious. Some famous dances are; Dankara, sammi dhamal, ludhi, and Bhangra. They do these dances on every occasion and festival. They love to celebrate all festivals but the most and liked festival is Basant that is celebrated with zeal and zest.

Punjabi’s most popular dish is Tandoori chicken. Punjabi cuisine has a wide variety of famous foods and dishes. Every other country has outlets of Punjabi cuisines. Their foods are most liked because of the spices, abundance of oil, ghee, and butter that make food mouthwatering and smell good.

Some of the Pakistan Punjab famous dishes

Sarson Ka Saag

Dal Makhani

Shahi Paneer

Malai Lassi

Makke di Roti

Moreover, their costumes are of highly colorful and the indication of bright and vibrant culture. Their clothes are comfortable and beautiful. They use Phulkari embroidery on their costumes. Most of the male villagers wear Pagri which is known as turban and dhoti or lacha, khusa, kurta while female villagers wear choridar pajama or gahrara, colorful sharlwar kameez, khusa, paranda, choli or dupatta, lola puri chappal. But, urban areas of Punjab follow the latest trends and fashion, their normal routine dress is generally shalwar kameez.

Punjabi people are obsessed with sports like kabaddi or wrestling. Their games are famous in many parts of the country. Their games have great importance on the national level. Some simple traditional games that all Punjabi residents love to play are Khoo-khoo, gilli-danda, ludo, chuppan-chappai, yassu panju, kachay, and baraf Pani Etc. There is a special festival celebrated in Lahore that is a national horse and cattle show. This is the biggest festival where the exhibition, sports, and livestock competition are held.

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