Poor Health Due to Poverty in Pakistan

Poor Health

Poverty is the major issue in Pakistan and the main reason behind the poor health can be seen everywhere due to poverty.

Pakistan is among those countries where the lower class is more in number, and impoverished families are having a difficult time trying to cover their daily expenses. Diseases have separate roles being played in the country but poverty comes between the treatment of diseases. The poor man has no importance in this capitalists’ dominant country. Since in inception of Pakistan, till now, human health is being sacrificed.

Every year, millions of poor people die due to lack of resources, food insecurity, no access to clean water and expensive treatment to cure diseases and many are those who do not even come in the counting of dead poor. The expensive treatment does not only affect the lower class rather middle class also gets affected.

Malnutrition is the biggest consequence of poverty. This effect is seen in children of poor families. Poor people have no access to nutritious foods. As the food is expensive in the country and highly nutritious food is even more expensive that is far from the reach of poor people. That is why poor families prefer to buy less nutritious food or substandard that does not help them in building good physical health or mental health.

Most of the poor are daily wagers and they get to have a meal only once a day by working the whole day. Too much work and less food consumption make their body weak and their immune system weaker and ultimately, they become too weak that leads to poor physical health or they develop diseases due to malnutrition. For some people, quality food is only a desire. Poor nutritional food causes the death of 45 percent of children under the age of 5 years.

On the other hand, mental health is also affected. This is a fact that a good diet gives good mental health. Less consumption of food leads to the adverse mental health of poor people. Mental health is an essential part of life for the overall betterment and wellbeing. Poor people do not get proper health only due to food insecurity rather many other factors also contribute to the overall issue.

Poor hygienic conditions, on the other hand, are also a big problem that increases the risk of diseases. Moreover, above all, all of these mentioned issues cannot be resolved in poor because the medication is too expensive that not even a minor disease can be cured and ultimately minor disease increases and become a major problem that becomes uncurable.

Diseases are quite common in poor people because they cannot afford healthy food to maintain their wellbeing and they have no proper resources to live in a healthy environment. Consumption of less nutritious food decreases their body’s ability to fight against diseases. Even, they do not get vaccines in their childhood or elderly age so their body can fight diseases.

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