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Plastic Surgery in Youth is Risk for Health

Plastic Surgery in Youth

Plastic surgery is a relatively new but thriving trend in the youth of the country. There are some risk factors of plastic surgery that affects the health that needs to be highlighted.

Plastic surgery is done to bring changes in the natural feature of the face or body. In Pakistan, plastic surgery in youth is mainly about facial correction. Apart from face correction, people also do cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast, body contouring, hand rejuvenation, implantations, soft tissue injuries and tumors of the hand.

People strive to look good and to look good, they opt for the surgery that changes any or some feature of their body. But Pakistan is yet to cope with the world in achieving high standards. The country still suffers from a lack of highly qualified and highly capable dermatologists. That is why most of the plastic surgeries get failed and people face skin burn or skin injuries.

These days, beauty salons have also introduced cosmetic surgery and laser treatment in their salons, and most of them are not proper surgeons rather just the beauticians. It is a delicate combination of treatment which need a team of relevant doctors along with the plastic surgeons and dermatologist to carry out cosmetic surgery properly by taking all the precautionary measures.

Cosmetic surgery is high in cost and not everyone can afford it. That is why only actors, influencers and celebrities go for it. Very few common people are observed to have cosmetic surgery for beautification ad body corrections. Whereas the ratio of men and women has been the same in plastic surgeries but men mostly do abroad to have plastic surgery.

There are many side effects of cosmetic surgery like swelling, visible incision marks and bruising. According to research, 15 percent of people face congenital deformities, while 10 percent face hand injuries, the other 10 percent develop skin cancer and 50 percent of people suffer from burn injuries. It takes weeks and months for surgery marks to disappear and sometimes the marks become permanent. People with permanent marks use make-up products to hide them but they negate the purpose of the plastic surgery done in the first place.

Liposuction is quite popular worldwide and it is done to distribute body fat uniformly. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, liposuction is performed to make people slim by reducing just the belly fats. Later on, it drastically affects the person’s body which leads to various diseases, fluid clots, and infections. There can also be blood loss and the skin may end up becoming saggy.

In Pakistan, very few numbers of certified cosmetic surgeons are present. Many other unprofessional fake surgeons damage people’s skin which leads to cancer or skin diseases. We should stop mocking people with different facial features, if someone is obese or if anyone has some abnormalities in the body. This leads them to the complexity and they prefer plastic or cosmetic surgeons. If someone has altered their bodies with implants and surgery we must not mock them.

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