Mental Health Benefits of Physical Activities

Mental Health Benefits

The human being is a combination of body and soul. The soul is immortal and the body is temporary. The body is the carrier of the soul. Physical activities are considered a game-changer because they keep you fit, cultivate your inner strength and have immense mental health benefits. Therefore, eat well, do physical activities and be confident to strengthen your soul.

Thousand of patients lying in the hospital beds are a testament to the fact that physical activities will keep you away from bad health. Ask the patients in hospitals, and you will find out that people have gotten physically inactive in recent years. Ask players in play areas and you will find out that they are relatively in good shape and have better health. There must be a middle ground between doing physical activities all day long and becoming completely physically inactive. We the job-oriented people must undertake the habit of daily exercise even for a few minutes to be regarded as healthy people. That will keep the majority of working class people healthy, they will be productive because their mind will be fully responsive to things happening around them. 

Strong body and light soul philosophy for mental health benefits have been well adopted by Europe in general and the USA in particular. If somebody has the opportunity to visit American offices he may witness that there is no concept of a peon. Even the chief executive himself takes the file to the other offices if needed, and if he feels the need for tea or any eatable, he moves to the kitchen and takes the required commodity. In this way, the physical movement continues.

Recent researches have certified that sitting in a chair for more than one hour is harmful to human health. In offices in Pakistan, lower staff in general and officers in particular, do not even move from their seats from the start to the closing hours. There are peons who are obediently following the instructions of their bosses to move around all the time. What does it depict? It simply shows that either the executive and bosses do not think in the depths of the things or they do not have the capability.

Sitting for more than six hours in a chair body makes people dull and they start to lose interest in doing anything by themselves. It leads to obesity and may ultimately lead to the contraction of many diseases. Ultimately, the mind gets in the state of asleep. How the dosing mind can actively think for the development and betterment of the nation.

One must be moving all the time even at the workplace and should have a little time to be seated. This is the formula that can sharpen the capabilities of thinking and making the body and soul work together.

In Pakistan, we find an encouraging aptitude that gyms are getting popular not only in big cities rather in small cities and towns. If this trend continues, more healthy people will be around us which is good.

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